Scarborough to Be Pastor to Congress

Scarborough to Be Pastor to Congress February 17, 2018

Con man and arch-bigot Rick Scarborough has been named the new pastor of SkylineDC, an offshoot of Jim Garlow’s Skyline megachurch in California that was set up to be a ministry (unofficial, of course) to Congress and the federal government. This after the first try crashed and burned.

All this began, as Right Wing Watch explains, with an event in 2012 called Washington: A Man of Prayer. It was the typical Christian right event on Capitol Hill, full of David Barton-inspired pseudo-history and lies, but well attended by far right Republicans who wanted to be on God’s side. That led to the formation of a ministry called the Jefferson Gathering, which is quite ironic because the people behind it would consider Jefferson a dangerous heathen if they knew, or admitted, his actual beliefs about Christianity. This group held an event in December, 2016 at which they said that it was necessary to elect Christians to office because “Satan has ruled in the halls of legislation.”

Scarborough, who has a long track record of rank bigotry and dangerously extremist views, will now head that ministry. He is the founder of Vision America, a dominionist group that loves to attack “sodomites.” He thinks AIDS is God’s punishment on gay people:

Scarborough has declared that AIDS, “a homosexual disease,” is God’s “judgment as a result of an immoral act.” Just last year, he repeated his belief that AIDS is “God’s judgment on a sinful generation, adding that “God would probably give us the cure for AIDS today” if the U.S. stopped supporting gay rights.

Well that’s funny, because gay women have the lowest incidence of AIDS. Maybe God just really likes a little girl-on-girl action? Oh, and marriage equality is an attempt by Satan to destroy the country (which is somehow not the least bit destroyed because of it after three years of it being legal nationwide). In fact, it’s so bad that he says God would be justified in dropping a nuclear bomb on America because of gay rights.

But my favorite is when he said that he wanted to file a class action lawsuit against homosexuality. Because that would totally work. The man is an absolute crackpot.

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