Wingnut: Start a War with North Korea to Keep Republicans in Office

Wingnut: Start a War with North Korea to Keep Republicans in Office February 19, 2018

A lot of people assume that decisions to start wars are based largely on the self-interest of the people making those decisions, but rarely do you see someone openly advocate for starting a war for partisan purposes. Wingnut Josh Bernstein went on Gordon Klingenschmitt’s show and did exactly that.

Bernstein said that “Democrats are so dangerous to the survival of our nation” that America needs a “Wag The Dog type of situation,” preferably “around late September, early October.”

“I believe the American people, at that point, more than likely will not change Congress if they are in the middle of a conflict,” he said. “We also know that, by history, the first term of a president usually loses a lot of House seats and a lot of Senate seats … We’re in a touchy situation. The left smells blood in the water. They are targeting over 100 House seats and [George] Soros and [David] Brock and all these others are going to be pouring millions and millions of dollars into attack ads in all of these swing state districts.”

“So, who knows? Maybe we would need to do that and take out this regime, because, God forbid, we have a change in Congress,” Bernstein said. “I think there is a lot of danger in the midterms, so we do need to do something.”

A war that would inevitably cause the loss of millions of innocent lives. Klingenschmitt is always deciding who is and is not possessed by demons, based on whether they agree with him or not. But surely if you’re going to make such a diagnosis, advocating that millions of innocent people be slaughtered so your favored political party can win would be prima facie evidence of demon possession, wouldn’t it? Apparently not. I’m sure that’s exactly what Jesus would do, wouldn’t he?

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