Loomer and InfoWars On the Scene in Florida

Loomer and InfoWars On the Scene in Florida February 21, 2018

It took about 5 seconds for Alex Jones to declare the mass school shooting in Florida to be a false flag operation ordered by “globalists” to cover up the release of the Nunes memo (two weeks later?). So naturally he sent crackpot Laura Loomer down there to harass local politicians with inane questions.

On Saturday, Loomer landed in Florida and quickly got to work on behalf of Infowars, an outlet that holds to this day that the Sandy Hook school shooting was a hoax. In a video uploaded yesterday for Infowars, Loomer shouted down Democratic Congressman Tom Deutch. On camera, Deutch told Loomer if she had “any respect for the human lives that were lost in my district” that she “wouldn’t come here” and that he would “never give an interview” to Infowars.

Loomer, who also worked with Infowars while she was in Las Vegas, bombarded Deutch with questions about why he thought the “40 percent” of Americans who she claimed read Infowars are “absolute garbage” and asked him, “Why are you lying to your constituents about gun control?” She went on to assert that the shooting was a result of FBI incompetence rather than laws that enabled the teen to acquire the rifle he used to kill 17 people.

Wait, why is it the FBI’s fault if this was ordered by the “globalists”? That wouldn’t be incompetence, it would be carrying out their orders, right? There’s no evidence of any of this, of course, which, in the land of conspiracy nuts, only proves it right. Now that the WWE is really pushing female pro wrestlers, I think it’s time we had a far-right loon-off. Round one: Laura Loomer vs Liz Crokin. The winner gets the title at this year’s Whackomania.

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