Romney Gotta Romney

Romney Gotta Romney February 21, 2018

I mocked Mitt Romney yesterday for his constant flip flopping on everything, including those times when he gets all self-righteous and declares his undying fealty to principle. And as if on cue he provides a spectacular example, pointed out by Sam Stein:

Romney’s Twitter account promises to be as entertaining as Trump’s, a tweet for every occasion to contradict whatever he just said. The man has no principles whatsoever. His only fixed belief is that he should be in power, though he can’t seem to figure out why. Such a stark contrast with his father, who famously told the Mormon Church to go pound sand when they told him to stop marching with Martin Luther King while he was governor of Michigan. A soulless robot, programmed to say whatever it has to in front of the audience at any given moment. He’s every bit the carnival barker/con man that Trump is, he just pretends to be a Very Serious Person.

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