The Ravings of a ‘Third-Level Illuminati Witch’

The Ravings of a ‘Third-Level Illuminati Witch’ March 1, 2018

Like a latter-day Mike Warnke, the Christian con man who built an entire false history as a Satanic witch to get himself an audience among the Christian right, Doc Marquis claims to have been born into a family if witches and to have himself been a “third-level Illuminati witch” before he found Gawd Almighty. And he has a message for us all:

“There are certain timelines in the order of the Illuminati, when certain things will happen,” Marquis said. “They have planned on it and they make sure it happens according to schedule. Now, one of the timelines—and I will never forget this—calls for, that between 2028 and 2030, they will have everything in their back pockets. Now what that means is that they will be in charge of absolutely everything at that point and that means, also, that they can move at a whim and set up their new world order.”

Marquis predicted that President Trump will run for re-election and win in 2020, after which Mike Pence will succeed him as president for another eight years, finally leaving office in 2032, which is precisely “within the timeline of the Illuminati.”

“I think what we are seeing right now is a window of opportunity that God has given us,” he said. “We know that according to the prophecies, God said that toward the End Times, He would raise up a remnant, in other words, the last true bastions of Christian children upon the face of the earth and give us the proper amount of time to make the one last stand for Christianity and get as many people saved as we can before the Tribulation period hits. Because if the timing of the Illuminati on that timeline, if what they wrote down is true, that means it’s going to happen towards the end or as soon as Mike Pence steps out of office and this window of opportunity at that point will be closed.”

The perfect Christian con because it’s true whether it’s true or not. If this happens, he predicted it. If it doesn’t, it will be because all the Real Christians tm took advantage of that window of opportunity and their prayers kept it from happening. I’m envisioning a new website. We already have all kinds of dating sites that match up people of similar interests, we need one for con men and their marks. Wait, I think we already have one. It’s called Fox News.

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