The Dumbest Plan to Stop School Shootings

The Dumbest Plan to Stop School Shootings March 2, 2018

If you thought Trump’s idea of arming teachers was the worst idea being proposed to stop school shootings, think again. The Alabama legislature thinks they can prevent them by posting the Ten Commandments in school classrooms, which is both unconstitutional and monumentally stupid.

The Alabama Senate on Tuesday approved a bill by Sen. Gerald Dial, R-Lineville, that would authorize a state referendum on whether to allow the display of the Ten Commandments on public property and public schools — a proposal he says may prevent some mass shootings.

The bill passed the Legislature’s upper chamber by a vote of 23 to 3 after Dial told lawmakers that displaying the Ten Commandments might dissuade some school shooters from carrying out an attack.

“I believe that if you had the Ten Commandments posted in a prominent place in school, it has the possibility to prohibit some student from taking action to kill other students,” Dial said.

You believe that because you’re a moron. Why does Japan have no problem with violence at all, much less mass shootings in schools or anywhere else? Only 1% of Japan is Christian and somehow the other 99% manages to not kill other people without believing in the Ten Commandments or having them posted all over the place. It’s a miracle!

This is also unconstitutional. The Supreme Court settled it in Stone V Graham nearly 40 years ago. So good luck trying to implement this even if it does pass. Sorry, but “ya’ll need Jesus” is not a public policy, it’s an excuse for not having one.

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