‘Prophets’ Meet at Trump Hotel for Fun and Theocracy

‘Prophets’ Meet at Trump Hotel for Fun and Theocracy March 6, 2018

Right Wing Watch has a long report on a gathering of self-declared “prophets,” led by Dutch Sheets and Cindy Jacobs, held at the Trump International Hotel in Washington, DC last weekend. It was every bit as ridiculous and theocracy-loving as one would predict.

“There’s never been anything on planet Earth like what’s about to happen,” said host Dutch Sheets at Thursday evening’s opening session, predicting worldwide spiritual revival as well as political and spiritual transformation of the United States as a result of the event and the prayers that preceded it. The death of Billy Graham, whose body rested in the U.S. Capitol during the conference, was described as confirmation of the spiritual significance of the gathering, with Graham’s anointing being placed on a new generation of spiritual warriors.

So God killed Billy Graham to give “spiritual significance” to your little event? Fascinating.

Jacobs brought to the conference a gavel she had bought at the Supreme Court gift shop on an earlier trip to D.C. “We are God’s enforcers in the earth for His will to be done,” she said. God told her it was time to “convene the courts of heaven,” saying the Lord had told her that the Deep State needs to be turned around.

The conference featured an extended period of prayer and decrees against Trump opponents working in government agencies. During a sort of prophetic equivalent of an open mic, a series of speakers declared that God would expose and uproot Never Trumpers who work in the government, that George Soros would lose his money and influence, and that people who have been entrenched in government jobs would be replaced with “an army of young people full of the Holy Spirit.” One decreed that God had given the Ekklesia a mantle “to destroy all God’s enemies and all the enemies of America, in the name of Jesus Christ.”

“Well,” quipped Sheets, “I’d say it’s fixin’ to get messy, isn’t it?”

Yeah, that’s not terrifying or anything. This “new apostolic” movement is completely theocratic. It’s an odd mixture because it comes from Pentecostals, who are premillenialists who formerly rejected things like Christian Reconstructionism because it’s post-millenialist. But now they’ve just invented their own pre-mil version of Reconstructionism with a different theological basis, but equally horrifying and totalitarian. And they have gleefully hitched their wagon to the Donald Trump train.

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