Trump Makes Surreal Claim About Jerusalem Embassy

Trump Makes Surreal Claim About Jerusalem Embassy March 6, 2018

Trump met with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu yesterday and during a meeting in the Oval Office with the media present, he made the surreal and bizarre claim that he’s reduced the cost of the new embassy in Jerusalem from $1 billion to only $250,000. Seriously.

“We’re going to have it built very quickly and very inexpensively,” Trump revealed. “They put an order in front last week for a billion dollars. I said, ‘A billion! What’s that for?’ We’re going to build an embassy. I said, we’re not going to spend a billion dollars. And we’re actually doing it for about $250,000.”

Trump noted that the embassy he’s building is “temporary but it will be very nice.”

“$250,000 versus a billion dollars,” the president said, turning to Netanyahu. “Is that good?”

It’s bizarre. I mean, after two years of absolutely bizarre statements by Trump, this still manages to stand out for its sheer asininity. He thinks we’re going to build an embassy in one of the most dangerous places on earth for the cost of a 3 bedroom house in the suburbs? The security system alone will run into the millions, for crying out loud. What the hell is wrong with this guy? How is it possible that we put such a buffoon in charge? I’m verklempt.

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