Bundy Son to Run for Nevada Governor on ‘What Civil War?’ Platform

Bundy Son to Run for Nevada Governor on ‘What Civil War?’ Platform March 9, 2018

Ryan Bundy, son of Cliven Bundy and one of the loons behind the takeover of the wildlife refuge in Oregon, has announced that he is running for governor in Nevada. He’ll be running on the “let’s all pretend the Civil War didn’t happen” platform.

Bundy told The Nevada Independent in an interview on Thursday that he plans to file to run for governor as an independent on March 14, and will run on the same state sovereignty principles that made him and his family household names during a 2014 armed standoff with the federal government over unpaid grazing fees.

“The state of Nevada needs someone who will stand up for statehood, and recognize that Nevada is a sovereign state, not just a province of the U.S.,” he said.

Bundy, who was acquitted and released from an Oregon court in November following charges that stemmed from the takeover of the federally owned Malheur National Wildlife Refuge, said he didn’t believe any of the current candidates for governor would enforce Nevada’s “constitutional” right to all land and resources within the state.

Although the federal government owns roughly 85 percent of the land mass in Nevada, Bundy said his main priority as governor wouldn’t be to transfer control of the land, but to “enforce” what he called the constitutional right of the state to control land independent of the federal government.

“Land is already appropriated to various users, but it needs to put into production for the benefit of the people of Nevada,” he said. “I fully intended to make sure that happens.”

Uh, he said the same thing. There is no difference between transferring control of the land and “enforcing” some law he thinks gives the state control of it. Of course, the courts spoke on this a long, long time ago, in multiple rulings. One of the key rulings, Kleppe v. New Mexico, was a unanimous ruling that found that Congress had “complete power…over public lands” and thus the power to pass legislation regulating them, and that “when Congress so acts, federal legislation necessarily overrides conflicting state laws under the supremacy clause.”

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