OK Gov. Candidate Promises to Ignore Courts on Abortion

OK Gov. Candidate Promises to Ignore Courts on Abortion March 12, 2018

There are six Republicans running for the nomination to be the next Oklahoma Governor, including anti-choice extremist Dan Fisher. How extreme? He says if elected, he’ll shut down every abortion clinic in the state and then defy any federal court that rules against him.

Source: https://www.flickr.com/photos/worldcantwait/6773080497

At the rally, Fisher laid out his “plan for abolishing abortion in Oklahoma.” As soon as he takes office, he said, he will call an emergency session of the state legislature and “ask for a bill on my desk that criminalizes abortion as murder, and I’ll sign it.”

After that bill is signed, he said, he “will instruct law enforcement officials to immediately close every abortion facility in Oklahoma in accordance with their sworn oaths of office” and then “instruct those law enforcement officers that if they find someone attempting to perform or performing an abortion that next day, they’ll be arrested for attempted or committed murder.”

Next, he says, he “will ignore all court orders” regarding the abortion recriminalization and “advise Oklahoma officials to ignore any federal court summons.” Then he would “call for judicial reform which will remove the power of judicial review from the courts.”

George Wallace, call your office. We’ve seen this movie before too. This is exactly what Martin Luther King was talking about when he mentioned “interposition and nullification” in his I Have a Dream speech. And it’s just another sign of the far-right fringe being mainstreamed in today’s Republican party.

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