Dunbar Repeats Barton Lie About the Lutz Study

Dunbar Repeats Barton Lie About the Lutz Study March 13, 2018

Former Texas State Board of Education member, Liberty U. law professor and now-candidate for the House from Virginia Cynthia Dunbar is repeating pretty much all of David Barton’s lies about religion and the founding fathers, most obviously the blatant lie about the Donald Lutz study.

“Our nation truly was birthed on Judeo-Christian principles,” she said. “I became convinced that it wasn’t just conceived in the minds of men, but that it was actually birthed in the heart of the Father.”

“If you actually understand the political philosophy that [the Founding Fathers] were basing it on, they spoke biblical worldview fluently,” Dunbar insisted. “As far as their ideology and their understanding, they understood Judeo-Christian tenets and you could tell that 94 percent of the quotes of the Founding Fathers contemporaneous to our founding came either directly or indirectly from the holy scripture.”

Just a shameless lie. Barton is a bit more careful these days when he talks about this study. He’ll attribute those Bible quotes to the “founding generation” or something like that. But Dunbar claims that 94% of the “quotes of the founding fathers” came from the Bible, which is just a flat-out lie. I doubt she’s ever bothered to actually read the Lutz study this is based on, she just heard Barton say it and accepts it as true because it supports her agenda. But it’s still a massive lie.

This study started with 15,000 documents, then pared that down to about 2200, then finally to 916 documents that were actually included in the sample. The vast majority of them were not from any of the men who signed the Constitution, or anyone who is rightly considered a founding father at all. They were newspaper articles, pamphlets (which was the dominant means of communication in those days) and such. A full 10% of those pamphlets were actually reprinted sermons, which was very common then, and the overwhelming majority of the Biblical citations found in those documents came from those sermons.

But that’s just the start. The study also broke down those citations by specific time period, including 1787-1788, the two years when the Constitution was being written and ratified. During that time, there is not a single reference to the Bible from the Federalists, those who were advocating the passage of the Constitution. The only ones during that time period who referenced the Bible were the anti-Federalists, who used the Bible to argue against the passage of the Constitution.

The Lutz study not only does not support the Christian Nation position, it argues strongly against it.

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