Jones Finds Secret Messages to the ‘Deep State’ in Tillerson Farewell

Jones Finds Secret Messages to the ‘Deep State’ in Tillerson Farewell March 15, 2018

Deranged whacko — or con artist, take your pick — Alex Jones reacted to Rex Tillerson’s farewell speech live as his show aired and, of course, was able to use his Secret Wingnut Decoder Ring (free with a purchase of 10 boxes of Crackpot Jack) to detect secret messages Tillerson was sending to the “deep state.”

Tillerson said that he wanted to remind his State Department colleagues that they were all bound by the same oath to the Constitution.

“Well this is all coded,” Jones said. “This is really cryptic. This is some kind of signal to the stay-behind networks. He’s really proven to be a double agent.”

After a couple of minutes, Jones cut away from Tillerson’s speech because he believed that Tillerson had begun “basically virtue signaling.”

“That earlier stuff about taking the oath and ‘everybody needs to stay at their post’ and everything, that was—‘stay at your post’ I guess means, ‘Deep state, stay there, hang on, the cavalry is coming.’ But let me tell you, there’s major infiltration. And look, I’m not even saying Tillerson is a bad guy, but he’s a yes man. He can’t handle the pressure of what I’m sure they’ve done to him,” Jones said.

Little does he know that Tillerson is really a man-bear-pig-reptilian chimera created by the Illuminati. I find it hilarious that he believes that this secret cabal exists that rules the world from the shadows, but somehow they only way they can communicate with one another is through coded language and symbols (if only Tillerson had had any sort of vaguely triangle-like symbol at any point, Jones would have soiled himself with excitement). Logic is not exactly in play here.

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