Two Misogynists Explain Lesbianism, Make It More Attractive

Two Misogynists Explain Lesbianism, Make It More Attractive March 16, 2018

Two misogynists, one American and one Canadian, got together to talk about lesbians. Alex Jones and Gavin McInnes know the real reason why women are gay and, in the process of explaining it, manage to make not being with men look far more attractive, I’m sure.

ALEX JONES (HOST): Well I’ll just say it without — it’s a family show. In my experience, lesbians are people that have had a bad experience with men in their life, and most women grow out of it and that’s just my experience. And then they get real happy when they get a man. In fact, what would you say — you know a lot about this, I know you’ve talked about it, if you want to get personal, but — how many men are married to a former lesbian? I mean let’s just get honest about it. Go ahead.

GAVIN MCINNES: Yeah, you always hear, well — we used to call them LUGs in college, lesbian until graduation. And it’s easy to be bisexual when you’re young and gorgeous and female, and all you’ve got to do is make out with another hot chick when you’re drunk. But hanging out with an obese 40-year-old lesbian and tending to your garden, that’s a little less rock-and-roll. And yeah, the numbers dwindle drastically. But, why does this tiny population, this tiny group of sexless, depressed old chubby dykes control so much of the political narrative? Why are entire elections dedicated to something as irrelevant as gay marriage? We’re really — it’s like the tyranny of the minority.

JONES: And by the way, I’m not against Hillary [Clinton] because she’s a lesbian and has her daughter as a beard with Webster Hubbell. I don’t like her because she’s evil and corrupt and a warmonger. And then you hear about the stories with her with the young women that don’t like it. And then she’s claiming about chauvinism and stuff when she’s way more chauvinistic and more abusive than probably even Bill. I mean the word on her is she smacks those chicks around. She smacks men around, Secret Service, FBI, you name it.

MCINNES: Oh, Bill Clinton. Bill Clinton is — it’s Bill Clinton with the giant sunglasses saying, “I’m a real klutz, I don’t know what happened, I opened up the cupboard door–”

JONES: She hit him with an ashtray in front of the Secret Service and knocked his ass down. I mean I’ll give it to her, she’s meaner than hell. And reportedly she just bulls into women and goes, “Toots, get in the bed, bitch.” Sorry, go ahead.

MCINNES: As far as lesbians go, I appreciate her taste. Huma Abedin is my cup of tea. I like the way she ages, I like her long hair, her big lips. I think Hillary and I have the same taste in chicks.

JONES: Come on, your wife does not look like an emaciated goldfish.

MCINNES: I wish. She will with enough plastic surgery. We’re going to spend the money.

Sexist jerks — making lesbianism more alluring since the beginning of human civilization. And they wonder why we think they’re buffoons.

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