WaPo: McMaster Is the Next One Gone

WaPo: McMaster Is the Next One Gone March 17, 2018

The Washington Post reports what everyone has been expecting for weeks, that National Security Adviser MR McMaster will likely be the next senior administration official to be fired, but it may not happen for a while because Trump wants to give him a soft landing spot to make it look like he wasn’t fired.

President Trump has decided to remove H.R. McMaster as his national security adviser and is actively discussing potential replacements, according to five people with knowledge of the plans, preparing to deliver yet another jolt to the senior ranks of his administration.

Trump is now comfortable with ousting McMaster, with whom he never personally gelled, but is willing to take time executing the move because he wants to ensure both that the three-star Army general is not humiliated and that there is a strong successor lined up, these people said.

The turbulence is part of a broader potential shake-up under consideration by Trump that is likely to include senior officials at the White House, where staffers are gripped by fear and un­certainty as they await the next move from an impulsive president who enjoys stoking conflict.

For all of the evident disorder, Trump feels emboldened, advisers said — buoyed by what he views as triumphant decisions last week to impose tariffs on steel and aluminum and to agree to meet with North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The president is enjoying the process of assessing his team and making changes, tightening his inner circle to those he considers survivors and who respect his unconventional style, one senior White House official said.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders denies this, of course, because her job is to lie. She’s like Frank Drebben from Police Squad standing at the site of a huge explosion saying “Move along, nothing to see here. Everything is absolutely fine. Or like Baghdad Bob, if you prefer, standing in front of TV cameras telling them it’s a lie that American troops have reached the capital city of Iraq while American troops wave at the cameras behind him. She’s lying. We all know she’s lying. And we all know that McMaster is all but gone.

In Michael Wolff’s book, he describes how McMaster was only reluctantly given the job in the first place. He rubbed Trump the wrong way in their initial meetings because he actually did Powerpoint presentations that went into detail of some of the threats facing the country, which greatly exceeded Trump’s attention span and willingness to actually learn something. Because Trump is infallible, you see, and no one can possibly teach him anything.

I imagine McMaster will see being fired as a relief. He’ll return to the Pentagon in some relatively cushy spot. And one of the last actual adults in the White House will be gone, leaving the toddler king to rule by his whims totally unimpeded by anyone who can pull him away from his worst influences. And if John Bolton is indeed the one to replace him, we are royally screwed. Many innocent people will die and wars will start.

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