Trump Attacks on McCabe, Mueller Based on Lies

Trump Attacks on McCabe, Mueller Based on Lies March 20, 2018

Trump went on an epic tweetstorm this weekend, attacking former James Comey, Andrew McCabe and Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the attorneys and investigators working for him. I’m sure it will come as quite a shock that his attacks were highly dishonest.

First, he accused Comey of lying under oath after watching a Fox and Friend story that used dishonestly edited video to make it look as if Comey was answering a question he was not, in fact, answering.

But that is not what Comey was asked. Here’s what he was actually asked:

GRASSLEY: Director Comey, have you ever been an anonymous source in news reports about matters relating to the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation?

COMEY: Never.

GRASSLEY: Question two, relatively related, have you ever authorized someone else at the FBI to be an anonymous source in news reports about the Trump investigation or the Clinton investigation?


He wasn’t asked if he had “known someone else to be an anonymous source,” he was asked if he had ever been one and if he had ever authorized someone to do so. Those are entirely different questions. Neither the buffoons at Fox and Friends nor Trump care, of course; they will gleefully lie to serve their own agendas. Or should I say agenda, because there is only one: Protect Trump to the ends of the earth.

Next, Trump tried to poison the well by claiming that Mueller’s investigation was the work of “13 hardened Democrats” and “zero Republicans.”

This is a flat out lie. Mueller himself is a Republican, appointed by George W. Bush to be FBI Director in 2001 after he took office. He was originally appointed a U.S. Attorney by Ronald Reagan. And he was appointed Special Counsel by Rod Rosenstein, who is also a Republican. He was appointed by Bush 43 in 2005 to be a US Attorney and was promoted to Deputy Attorney General by a Republican. That Republican was, of course, Donald Trump. And remember that Trump himself has praised Mueller, saying he trusts him to be fair and that he is an “honorable man.” Now suddenly he’s the devil incarnate. Gee, what changed?

Yes, some of the investigating attorneys on Mueller’s staff are registered Democrats. Only one gave a significant amount of money to Hillary Clinton and he also gave a lot of money to Republicans. But Republican or Democrat, these are all career civil servants, attorneys who have worked with honor under presidents of both parties and prosecuted some of the most important cases in recent memory. It’s an all-star team, to say the least. But they’re getting close to Trump, so they must be discredited and a campaign to do that is in full swing now.

But bear in mind that these are purely political arguments. They are irrelevant in a court of law and will have no effect on any criminal charges that might be coming. But what is clear is that Trump is trying to lay the groundwork to fire Mueller. And I hope he does.

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