Wingnut: LGBT People are Just Like ISIS

Wingnut: LGBT People are Just Like ISIS March 21, 2018

Everett Piper, President of Oklahoma Wesleyan University, is taking a strong stand for sexual morality in a column in the Moonie Times. We can never compromise on sexual immorality, he argues, and he goes so far as to directly compare LGBT people to ISIS.

Christians should not bother to discuss whether being gay is immoral or not, just like they should “not discuss the merits of adultery.” And then he says:

If you’re still not feeling a bit unstable on this slippery slope, I recommend this simple exercise: Go to any article in any magazine or website that argues for “conversations” about sexual morality and simply replace the acronym of the day with another set of letters.

For example, every time you see LGBTQ in an article, simply replace those letters with ISIS. Change nothing else. Do this throughout the entire column in question.

In doing this, something will quickly become quite obvious. Sentences will emerge such as these: “Love is love and ISIS has the right to love who they want to love.” “The ISIS community simply wants to be accepted and affirmed.” “What right does anyone have to refuse to bake a cake for an ISIS wedding?”

As such absurdities jump off the page, hopefully it becomes clear how absolutely ridiculous our culture’s game of sexual politics has become.

If our inclinations (sexual or otherwise) have become the sum total of our human identity then any emotion or passion (aberrant or not) can be, and logically must be, codified into law as the marker of our minority status, bringing with it all the rights, protections and privileges therein.

In this brave new world of hyphens and acronyms, we paint ourselves into a corner of “tolerance” where we must affirm the proclivities of anyone who “identifies” as ISIS just as much as we do all who identify as LGBTQ. After all, in both cases it could be easily argued, “that’s just who they are.”

Yes, it’s an incredibly stupid and offensive argument, but it’s even more than that. Because despite his allegedly strong position against sexual immorality, he’s a staunch supporter of — guess who? — Donald Trump. Gee, that bold and uncompromising stand against adultery and sexual immorality sure disappears when it’s inconvenient, doesn’t it?

As for moral compromises, he compares gay people to ISIS but is more than happy to write a column for a newspaper owned by the late Rev. Moon, who publicly declared that Christ failed to redeem mankind and that he is the one true savior. Oh, and that gay people should be killed. Gee, no wonder Piper writes for that paper.

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