Wallnau: Gun Control Protesters Just Like Hitler’s Brownshirts

Wallnau: Gun Control Protesters Just Like Hitler’s Brownshirts March 22, 2018

Lance Wallnau is turning the stupid up to 11 again. He says those kids protesting for better gun control to prevent more mass shootings at schools are just like Hitler’s Brownshirts. Yes, of course they are, Lance. I mean the list of people they’ve committed violence against is….non-existent.

“I’m still upset over the fact that 3,000 schools with children 14, 15 and 16 were organized by—I’m sorry to say—left-wing Democratic mobilizers to be forced to have to go out and have their first experience of doing public protests and, in a sense, to raise a fist of frustration at government, feeding in to this whole sick culture that we have on the left of perpetual discontent and organized protest,” Wallnau fumed. “These kids, whether they wanted to or not, have peer pressure, teachers, students, propagandize them and making them go out and march.”

“The left is lawless,” he added. “The create lawlessness and then they raise up a rebellion out of the very lawlessness they create. So all these kids marching and having their posters made and organized; this is, in my opinion, it’s as dangerous as Hitler raising up the Brownshirt Hitler Youth and forcing them to become politicized and weaponized. From age 10 to 14? I know most adults aren’t prepared to discuss the Second Amendment profoundly, let alone a 10-year-old or a 14-year-old. This is an abuse of political leverage through the school system, which tells us the left will politicize everything, from the Academy Awards to the Golden Globes to schools and high school and there is always an agenda and the agenda is power, not righteousness.”

God forbid a Christian con man — sorry, “prophet” — would be upset over something. You should call on God to strike me down for mocking you, Lance, and those “Brownshirts” too. I mean, if you have the power to turn back hurricanes, as you have claimed repeatedly, surely you can get your big mean invisible friend to strike down these Hitler Youth before they turn all of America fascist! Tee it up, big guy. Give me your worst shot. And just for historical irony, you should have God send a she-bear to maul us all to death. Come at me, bro.

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