Crackpots: Trump Outsmarted the Devil by Signing Funding Bill

Crackpots: Trump Outsmarted the Devil by Signing Funding Bill March 28, 2018

Trump’s reluctant signing of that omnibus spending bill last week has prompted many of his followers to react negatively, saying he sold them out. But the true believers, the far-right crackpots and “prophets,” remain resolute. Fear not, for Trump hath outsmarted the devil himself!

“People just need to take a deep breath,” Taylor said. “There is a bigger picture at play here. What the enemy meant for harm, God can mean for good. I know that people are complaining, my emails are lighting up, social media is lighting up and the evangelicals have to understand that you cannot be ruled by emotions. I understand abortion is an emotional issue, I get that, but the point being here that even if Planned Parenthood is being funded here in the bill, [Trump] signed an executive order on December 21 stating that anything having to do with crimes against humanity—which Planned Parenthood is—they can seize their assets. So don’t think for one second that this is not going to backfire on the enemy. He can seize those assets, he can seize that money before it ever gets into their hands. This is going to backfire. People just need to take a step back, they have to understand something, Sheila; look at what this man is going through right now. This man is surrounded by devils, literally.”

Zilinsky agreed, saying that “everybody is up in arms over this omnibus bill” because they simply don’t realize that Trump is “nine chess plays ahead” of everyone else in Washington.

“These are some of the dumbest people on the planet,” she said. “You don’t think the ‘Art of the Deal’ master himself can outmaneuver these dummies? I don’t think we are giving the guy enough credit. I feel he knows what he is doing. I just can’t help but think that Trump is 10 playbooks ahead of these guys, can out-finesse, outmaneuver; we don’t know what is up the guy’s sleeve.”

It’s almost touching how unshakable their faith is — not in God but in Donald Trump. But I repeat myself. There’s an obvious cult of personality built here and these people think and act just like brainwashed cult members. If Trump tied the down and beat them with tire irons, they would find some way to rationalize it. He’s trying to teach me a lesson, they would think. There’s a good reason for this, there just has to be. Same as they do with God, of course.

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