No Rick, You Didn’t ‘Misspeak’

No Rick, You Didn’t ‘Misspeak’ March 29, 2018

After being roundly, and correctly, lambasted as a first-class idiot for saying that kids should learn CPR rather than pushing for gun control to deal with school shootings, Rick Santorum went back on CNN — which pays him to do commentary — and said he “misspoke” when he said that.

Former Sen. Rick Santorum said Wednesday he misspoke when suggesting earlier this week that students should learn CPR instead of advocating for gun control.

“I did misspeak in using the term CPR,” the Pennsylvania Republican and CNN commentator told CNN’s Chris Cuomo on “New Day.”

No, Rick. You didn’t “misspeak.” Misspeaking is when you word something badly and end up saying something you didn’t intend to say. You intended to say what you said. You were actually trying to make an argument and that argument was precisely what you said. And it was moronic, not to mention offensive because it was victim-blaming. It wasn’t “misspeaking” just because it “obscured your larger point,” as you claimed. Your larger point was obvious: Please blame this on anything in the world other than the easy availability of weapons of war. You tried to distract attention from that reality by making the inane argument you made and the entire world watched you make an ass out of yourself doing it.

It’s really kind of incredible that CNN continues to pay this guy. That needs to stop.

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