Worst Attack Yet on the Parkland Student Activists

Worst Attack Yet on the Parkland Student Activists March 29, 2018

Good lord, the far right is just losing their damn minds over a bunch of students in Florida advocating policies they don’t agree with. They’re like Mao’s revolutionary guard! No, they’re like Hitler’s Brownshirts! Wingnut Josh Bernstein has the most scurrilous attack yet — they might have been in on the shooting just to get attention.

“David Hogg is an opportunist,” Bernstein said. “He is not a victim. He has used this tragedy to make a name for himself. He is exploiting this shooting in order to make a name for himself. In fact, I bet that his speech [at the March for Our Lives rally] was probably written by Michael Bloomberg himself or maybe someone at CNN … or, who knows, maybe even a Hollywood producer or writer or director.”

Bernstein admitted that many viewers might not be comfortable hearing him attack a teenager, but he insisted Hogg and “his Cuban bisexual male friend Emma Gonzalez” were fair game — and suggested the teen activist was involved in the shooting.

“This kid, David Hogg, is not concerned about gun safety,” Bernstein said. “He is concerned about pushing an agenda and making a name for himself, and, to be quite frank, I honestly wonder if this kid has something to do with the Stoneman shooting.”

Bernstein called Hogg and his classmates “the new faces of the Hitler Youth movement,” and suggested the teen helped plot the massacre.

“Give me a break,” he said. “It seems very odd. My gut tells me that this kid was either warned beforehand — knew he wasn’t going to be shot, knew he wasn’t going to be targeted — or was affiliated in some way with Nikolas Cruz.”

Yeah, your gut tells you that because your gut is filled with bacteria, acid and bile. If you thought with your brain instead of your GI tract, you might avoid being such a colossal douchebag. Seriously, how do these people live with themselves? I wish they’d stop — not speaking, but living with themselves. I hope he wakes up some morning, realizes that he has added nothing to the world but lies and vileness, and drinks a gallon of diesel fuel. The world would lose nothing of value.

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