Fox News Cites White Supremacist Attorney on Stormy Daniels Case

Fox News Cites White Supremacist Attorney on Stormy Daniels Case March 30, 2018

Fox News did a story about the Stormy Daniels story that included quotes from Andrew Napolitano and Ken White (Popehat), but apparently just could not help themselves, they had to cite a two-bit white supremacist lawyer from here in Michigan as well.

Photo by Evan Nesterak:

In the wake of Daniels’ interview with “60 Minutes,” attorney Kyle Bristow argued that Trump had a case to sue Daniels for so-called “specific performance” and pursue liquidated damages. According to Bristow, the agreement went into effect when Daniels received the money and could be enforceable against her.

“If she’s out doing interviews, clearly that’s a violation of the agreement,” Bristow said, “and I don’t think the First Amendment applies… People have the right to enter into agreements whereby their rights are waived.”

They don’t bother mentioning that Bristow is a white supremacist, which they know damn well he is because they’ve cited in in other articles about fellow racist jerks like Richard Spencer. That’s almost certainly why he’s in the contacts for their reporters in the first place. What, it isn’t enough to just quote other, far better known and more competent attorneys? You just had to have at least one white supremacist in there or you wouldn’t be able to live with yourselves?

Kyle Bristow is a vile, hateful little two-bit thug wannabe. Wanna learn more about him? Check out the Southern Poverty Law Center’s entry on him, where they quote him saying things like, “Liberalism promotes sexual perversion —especially homosexuality and miscegenation — which debases the White race. Neither homosexuals nor interracial couples, after all, produce White children.” Hell, at this point he’s probably on the short list to replace Jeff Sessions as attorney general.

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