Michael Savage the Latest to Make Vile Attack on Student Protesters

Michael Savage the Latest to Make Vile Attack on Student Protesters March 30, 2018

If the freakout coming from the far right is any indication, they really think those students from Parkland, Florida are a huge threat to them. Michaal Savage is the latest to compare them to Hitler Youth, and he throws in Pol Pot and the Khmer Rouge too.

MICHAEL SAVAGE (HOST): It’s coming to a head right now. When I, yesterday, talked about that old crackpot, the 90-something-year-old retired Supreme Court Justice [John Paul Stevens], who says it’s time to get rid of the Second Amendment, the alarm bells went off for me and I explained to you in some detail, before everyone else in the media did, why, A, it’s a bad idea, unconstitutional, and why it cannot happen legislatively. I spent a lot of time on it. But today, when I show you these pictures of this pile of guns seized from normal citizens in Cambodia after the communists took over, it will open your eyes to the danger we are actually in. Because it can happen here.

Well, you say it will never happen here?

Well, the part of it that will never happen here is we’ll never give up our guns, that’s number one. I don’t care how many millennials come to me with smiley faces and smiley emojis, I don’t care what they say. They’re not getting my gun. As he said, as he said, the great Charlton Heston, “out of my dead hands, my dead cold hands.” Because you’re not getting it any other way. You stupid brats, you. You know nothing about history. Nothing. Zero. Because you’ve been brainwashed.

Take a look at the picture, the mountain of human skulls. Preceding that, the roundup of guns from the citizens. Once they were rendered incapable of defending themselves, they were turned into slaves. And it all started — it all started when the leader of Cambodia, one quiet little university professor named Pol Pot, a very meek, quiet man who didn’t yell and scream, went to Paris to study Marxism. And he became so enamored of the text books, he came back and he decided to institute a red Chinese type of communism in Cambodia. And who did he enlist to unleash his reign of terror on the population? Children. Thirteen, 14, 15, 16 year-old children. They were called the Khmer Rouge, just like the marchers, who didn’t wear red bandannas, they wore arm bands. They wore arm bands, this group in America. Like Hitler Youth wore arm bands, these clowns wore arm bands, these stupid, useful idiots. And in Cambodia they wore red brigades — I’m sorry, red scarves.


Someone is going to ignite that army. Obama tried to ignite the army, that’s why the other day he said he’d like to have a million little Obamas. That’s probably one of the most nightmarish things I’ve ever heard in my life. If we had a million little Obamas, we’d be a mountain of skulls in this country, the rest of us.

Funny, not a single one of our Western democratic allies in Europe, Canada, Australia have anything like the kind of gun violence problem we do and all have much stricter gun control, and yet none of them have turned into the Third Reich or the Khmer Rouge. So who exactly is it who has been brainwashed here and is ignorant of history, Mr. Savage? There’s something particularly perverse about calling other people stupid while advancing such a stupid argument.

This can only mean one thing, of course. Savage is clearly in line for a cabinet position. After all, like Trump, he has far nicer things to say about neo-Nazis and white supremacists and other “very fine people” who hold marches than with high school kids who have just seen their friends murdered in front of their eyes.

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