‘Coach’ Dave: Masturbation is Homosexuality

‘Coach’ Dave: Masturbation is Homosexuality April 3, 2018

Our old friend “Coach” Dave Daubenmire is back with yet another brilliant video, this time claiming that masturbation is the same thing as homosexuality because when you masturbate, you’re “having sex” with someone of the same gender — yourself.

Masturbation is homosexuality. You’re having sex with a man. You get that? Now you’re putting images of a woman in your mind, but you’re having sex with a man. It’s how…it’s how…it’s where the devil will take us if we give him free reign in our minds.

And then it gets weird, as he compares an orgasm to a bowel movement.

"Yea. I hope he's ok. Was about to post something to this effect myself."

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