So Much For Trump’s ‘Tough’ Response to Russian Assassination

So Much For Trump’s ‘Tough’ Response to Russian Assassination April 6, 2018

We waited more than a year for Trump to do anything at all in response to provocations from Vladimir Putin and he finally agreed to go along with all of our allies and expel more than 60 Russian diplomats and staff in response to their poisoning of an ex-spy in England. But guess what? He’s going to let them send others over in their place.

The State Department says that a number of Russian diplomats expelled from a Russian consulate in Washington state could be replaced by other Russian officials, noting that the same is true for a number of American officials recently expelled from a consulate in St. Petersberg.

In a statement to CNN, the State Department said it was common practice for a country to replace expelled officials if the total number of allowed personnel under a bilateral agreement isn’t reduced.

As such, the agency informed CNN, the U.S. will likely replace a similar number of expelled diplomats who were ordered to leave by the Russian government last week.

So it changes absolutely nothing. It was just for show. Good to know.

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