InfoWars Host Goes Ballistic Over Questioning of Russian Oligarchs

InfoWars Host Goes Ballistic Over Questioning of Russian Oligarchs April 9, 2018

I find the selective outrage of the right wing over government power quite fascinating. Owen Shroyer, a host for Alex Jones’ Infowars, is beside himself over the stopping of Russian oligarchs in American airports by investigators for Robert Mueller. In fact, he would “beat his ass” if Mueller tried that with him.

OWEN SHROYER (HOST): What an un-American scumbag. This story — I can’t say what I’d like to say to Robert Mueller right now on air because it’s a family show. I’m sorry for already losing it and being inappropriate here. But, man, F that guy.

Story breaks on CNN, “Mueller’s team questioning Russian oligarchs.” Ladies and gentlemen, Robert Mueller is now sitting at the airport in New York and questioning Russian oligarchs right there at the airport. Stopping them and searching their electronic devices and reading their private messages.

Here’s a question: Where’s the [American Civil Liberties Union] ACLU? Oh, let me tell you, if Robert Mueller — if Robert Mueller would’ve stood at the southern border and he would’ve questioned people crossing over the southern border illegally and reading their text messages, the ACLU would be up his butt immediately saying he’s a racist and he has to be jailed. But he goes to the airport and questions Russian oligarchs and reads their electronic devices at the airport like a total insane madman, the ACLU’s silent.

Do you remember — It was just — I’ve been saying this every day now. Robert Mueller is off the chain. He has no boundaries, he is limitless, he is above the law, he is lawless, he is super Mueller. This guy needs to be brought down. Trump needs to stop this. This is out of control, man. How is it that Robert Mueller is above the entire world? He can just stop a Russian and say, “I’m reading your text messages.” I wish that Russian would have beat his ass right there — excuse me. That’s what I would’ve done.


If we can’t stop this, if we can’t prosecute Obama, if we can’t indict Hillary, then we can’t do anything. We have no backbone, we have no spine, we have no testicles, we have nothing, no legs, no arms, no brain.

Why would the ACLU be concerned about this? They are searching and questioning them pursuant to valid warrants, by all accounts I’ve seen. There are credible allegations of criminal wrongdoing, a duly empowered federal prosecutor has presented evidence to a judge sufficient to show probable cause to get a warrant issued and they are executing those warrants as part of their investigation when the targets of those warrants are on American soil. Only on Planet Wingnuttia would that be characterized as the behavior of a “total insane madman.”

Funny how the right wing is never, ever concerned about police misconduct or prosecutorial overreach when it involves racial minorities or the poor, who can’t afford the kind of legal representation that can prevent or correct such abuses, but let the rich and powerful be the targets of a perfectly valid investigation where the accused are granted every legal protection and have $500 an hour lawyers and the cries of persecution and “fascism” ring out from the mountaintops like the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

And they never seem to care in the least about the 4th amendment except when it comes to rich, powerful white men. In every other case, they call you “weak on crime” if you want to keep the government from violating the 4th amendment.

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