Wingnut Trump Supporter Wants ‘Biblical Justice,’ not ‘Social Justice’

Wingnut Trump Supporter Wants ‘Biblical Justice,’ not ‘Social Justice’ April 10, 2018

Bishop Harry Jackson, who is on Donald Trumps council of evangelical advisers and is a well-known wingnut, went on his fellow con man Jim Bakker’s TV show and complained about lesbians involved with Black Lives Matter and demanded “Biblical justice” rather than social justice.

“We can’t have social justice, we need biblical justice,” Jackson told the audience. “It matters whose allegiance or whose definition of justice you are going to use to bring justice to the culture,” Jackson said. “It matters that Black Lives Matter has, at the head, a few lesbians who are against the patriarchal society—you see, black people can say this; white folks, you have a hard time saying this about Black Lives Matter.”

He added: “Black lives matter is true— there does need to be a value of human life. But by destroying biblical foundations you can never arrive at God’s justice.”

Yeah, that “Biblical justice” would mean the cold-blooded murder of all lesbians, and women who aren’t virgins on their wedding day, and people who won’t keep the sabbath, and lots more people. And the eternal suffering of everyone who isn’t a Christian. That isn’t justice, it’s totalitarian barbarism.

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