Crokin: JFK Jr. Is Alive, Running Trump’s Anti-Pedophile Efforts

Crokin: JFK Jr. Is Alive, Running Trump’s Anti-Pedophile Efforts April 11, 2018

Liz Crokin, the former gossip columnist turned conspiracy nut who has invented a non-existent Trump campaign to destroy a global pedophile ring, has perhaps her most bizarre claim yet. She shared a post from someone else claiming that John F. Kennedy, Jr. did not die in that plane crash, but is alive and running that mythical child trafficking response.

Here’s the full text that you can’t see above:

So, last week I came across a post on Corsi’s twitter about a bell on JFK’s yacht. Followed by a reply with this sweet Q tribute to JFK. I had been noticing a ton of JFK references in many Q posts. Which makes sense since Trump is essentially following the footsteps of JFK but then I started thinking about the comment Q made. “Wait until you see who’s been posting on here”. I just couldn’t get it out of my mind.

Flynn was my first choice but I don’t think it is him because he won’t have ANY credibility with the sheeple!! Seth Rich was another option but same thing. He would have zero credibility. I thought it must be someone that if the truth is ever revealed to the masses regarding who Q and his team is it would need to be someone that the mass population would believe. And then I saw the bell and the sweet tribute. It occurred to me that it might be John John. I knew absolutely zero about his death. I was in college when it happened. But someone on FB saw my theory and shared a video with me. I have to say that there is plenty of evidence showing that John John could have either staged his own death or White Hats could have saved him in the 15 hours it took for them to even start looking for his plane!!

We are talking about the take down of a centuries old D33p Stat3! Nobody can expect to take it down with only POTUS. Anointed by God or not. It takes military precision. Decades of planning etc. Maybe they realized it would take several years to plan the take down. They could only do that behind the scenes if they could remain alive. Why not just pretend to die. Go underground. Finalize the strategy and reemerge!!

And Mark Taylor’s prophesy was for the 2012 election. But the stage wasn’t set yet. God and the W.hats were working on it. Just needed a little more time and the public needed more awakening. We needed to reach the boiling point. There is something very special going on. It’s not just a physical and mental war it’s a spiritual war. What if God saved all of them (others suggested Breitbart and others that have died mysteriously) for a higher purpose. Assuming they didn’t fake their own death?

Then some smart ladies on my previous FB post started theorizing. What if these recent military helicopter and plane crashes are fake? What if POTUS and the White Hats are flipping the script. What if they will use these as proof to expose 9/11 and the JFK Jr. Crash?!?!

Out of all the things to expose Killary for. Why someone tied to 9/11 AND that happened to die in a mysterious Plane Crash?!?!

Then today’s post just solidified it for me. There is some debate on whether JFK really has that bell on his yacht. Might have been a troll comment. But, my theory remains…

I think the Q team is led by none other than Donald J. Trump’s friend JFK Jr.!! Aka John John. He is adored by the masses and no one in this world could come close to wanting or deserving revenge on the d33p stat3 more than him!!!

These people are just getting whackier and whackier by the minute. This is what someone posted on Reddit, in the @theDonald subreddit, which is like WTF central, about the raid on Cohen’s office. It’s all part of Trump’s grand plan!

LOL at liberals celebrating.. this raid is more than likely part of TRUMP’S PLAN. Major power move that was ordered by President Trump himself in order for FBI to “stumble upon” evidence that incriminates Hillary. He knows FBI is rotten to the core with liberals, and this is the only way to force FBI to bring justice to criminal left. What REALLY do you think he meant by “lock her up” in his campaign? He had the evidence all along, it was always about timing. THINK about it.. democrats are all in on this one, they bet their entire bankroll on black at the roulette table, what do you think happens when the ball lands on red? MAGA and may God bless this president!

I mean, seriously. I’ve run out of words to describe this kind of epic self-delusion.

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