The Hundred Wingnut March

The Hundred Wingnut March April 11, 2018

We’ve had the Million Moms March and the pitiful anti-Obama protests put together by people like Larry Klayman, but on Saturday about a hundred conspiracy cranks held a march and rally to protest the “deep state” and it was filled with the most ridiculous conspiracies circulating. It was led by Jerome Corsi, which should tell you everything you need to know.

In January, Corsi warned that eventually videos would come out showing “global elites” making children plead for their lives before “butchering” them. The related “Pizzagate” conspiracy theory nearly turned fatal when one adherent showed up at a restaurant that conspiracy theorists claimed was the center of a sex-trafficking ring and started shooting. At the Saturday march, one participant’s sign read, “Arrest Luciferian Pedophiles NOW.”…

RedpillTheWorld described QAnon as “leading the charge” in fighting for the country, and she talked about current events as the fulfillment of biblical prophecy. “Y’all know that Trump is not in that White House because of our smarts,” she said, “He’s in there by God’s hand. God put him there to rescue us because he is a fighter!.”

She read from the biblical book of Habakkuk denunciations of leaders who have plundered nations—she paused to refer to the conspiracist-favorite Rothschilds—and warned that people now living in mansions outside D.C. will be sent to Gitmo “or worse.” She saw these happenings not as signs of the end of the world, but the end of our current wicked era.

“Q said 2018 is gonna be glorious,” said RedpillTheWorld, in the midst of quoting from the Book of Revelation.

Yes, one of the speakers actually called herself RedPillTheWorld. Because the Illuminati is all-powerful and capable of destroying governments, but are also easily prevented from identifying her if she uses a nom de plume instead. It used to be really easy to just laugh at people like this, but they aren’t just fringe figures anymore. They’ve been mainstreamed on the right and are now a significant part of Trump’s base. That makes them more dangerous than amusing.

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