No One Wants to Hire Former Trump Aides

No One Wants to Hire Former Trump Aides April 16, 2018

Let’s all enjoy a big steaming bowl of schadenfreude by reading this Buzzfeed article about the difficult time former Trump aides are having finding jobs in the private sector. They usually love hiring people with White House connections, but not this White House.

Trump administration officials looking to escape to the private sector are getting a rude awakening: No one wants to hire them.

Companies and firms who used to recruit from presidential administrations and brag when they were successful in poaching an aide are making the calculation that the risks of bringing on a Trump administration official outweigh the rewards, according to interviews with 10 current and former administration officials, top recruiters, and lobbyists who did not want to be named to talk candidly. BuzzFeed News reached out to them after previously reporting during an especially chaotic stretch for the Trump White House that some officials were trying to leave but finding their job prospects to be “pretty bleak.” That’s especially pronounced for more junior staff.

The leadership at a prominent, bipartisan Washington public affairs firm went as far as to make an active decision not to hire from the Trump White House because of the “reputational risk” associated with it, a former White House official was recently told.

I feel terrible about this, I really do. Maybe we could launch a GoFundMe account for them? Or perhaps we can brainstorm some ideas to help them get steady work. After all, they can’t all join Omarosa on Big Brother. Hey, maybe they can create a new reality TV show where the winner gets their job back in the White House. Or better yet, a beauty pageant, since Trump loves those so much. Who wants to see Michael Flynn and Rex Tillerson in the swimsuit competition? Okay, not my best idea ever.

I’m just going to enjoy this. If you want to be close to power so badly that you’ll go to work for a pathologically dangerous buffoon like Donald Trump, you should be untouchable after that. Sean Spicer has no one to blame but himself for the position he’s in. Enjoy the unemployment line, ya’ll.

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