Rep. Jim Jordan: The Sgt. Schultz of American Politics

Rep. Jim Jordan: The Sgt. Schultz of American Politics April 18, 2018

Anderson Cooper had Rep. Jim Jordan (R-eality averse) on his show and brought up the subject of Donald Trump’s relentless dishonesty. Jordan had the chutzpah to claim that he had never heard Trump tell a lie, a claim that makes Jordan as bad a liar as Trump himself.

Jordan: “The American people elected him President of the United States.”

Cooper: “Have you ever heard the president lie? That’s what I’m asking you.”

Jordan: “I have not. And the American people feel like what the treatment he has received from the top…”

Cooper: “I’m asking you, just yourself, have you heard the president lie?”

Jordan: “I have not.”

Cooper: “Really? So when the Washington Post counts hundreds and hundreds of times, none of those are believable to you?”

Jordan then predictably tries to water it all down to perhaps Trump might have said something that wasn’t 100% accurate, but that is not the problem. First, as Cooper said, if he says something that turns out not to be true, he admits it on national television and corrects the record, something Trump has never done and never will. Second, Trump’s record is not one of merely getting his facts wrong a time or two. He flat out lies and he keeps on telling the same lie no matter how many times it’s shown to be a lie. He is utterly pathological about it. For Jordan to deny this makes him a liar too. Or it makes him Sgt. Schultz:

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