POTUS Shield Prays Against ‘Witches and Warlocks’ Opposing Trump

POTUS Shield Prays Against ‘Witches and Warlocks’ Opposing Trump April 23, 2018

I am endlessly amused by both sides of the “spiritual” (whatever that is) battle between Wiccans and Christians, as the “witches and warlocks” (whatever those are) cast “hexes” (whatever those are) on Trump and his Christian right defenders take it seriously and say prayers to stop them from doing…well, nothing. Trump’s friends in POTUS Shield are putting up a hedge of protection around Trump to protect him from…words muttered to non-existent “gods” and “goddesses” (whatever they are).

Amedia, Mark Gonzales of the U.S. Hispanic Action Network, and Bishop Harry Jackson then initiated a spiritual warfare prayer against Trump’s enemies and critics, with Jackson taking specific aim at the “witches and warlocks” who have cursed the president.

“We lift up witches and warlocks who have been a part of this assignment,” Jackson said, “as they have gathered in numbers almost immeasurable to curse this specific president. We cancel, we bind their authority, we bind their curses, we lift up your word that says you shall not revile the gods and neither shall you bring a curse upon the rule of God’s people. We declare those assignments null and void and we claim the souls of many of the witches and warlocks.”

That will be an incredibly effective way of preventing those “hexes” from doing any damage, in precisely the same way that me hitting a gong on my porch every morning has a 100% track record of keeping vampires from attacking me. You doubt me? Not one vampire has ever so much as stepped foot on my property, much less entered my house or attacked me. And you’ll be sorry if you don’t get one too!

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