Crokin: Giuliani Will Make Public the Hillary Face Cutting Video

Crokin: Giuliani Will Make Public the Hillary Face Cutting Video April 24, 2018

Crackpot Liz Crokin, to borrow a favorite tactic of Cheetohead Trump’s, has found yet another reason to tell her clueless followers that now, finally, at last, that video she claims exists of Hillary Clinton raping a child and cutting their face off will be revealed. Rudy Giuliani’s gonna do it.

Crokin suspects that the “deep state” has threatened and probably already hurt everyone in the NYPD who knows about the existence of the Clinton video, which is why nobody has leaked it. But, she claims, those tactics won’t work once Giuliani joins Trump’s legal team because “he knows what was found on that laptop, he probably has seen what’s on that laptop, and some people say that he even has a copy of the tapes. That man knows! He’s knows, he’s seen the evidence. So the symbolism of Rudy being hired on President Trump’s team [is huge].”

Crokin went on to claim that the entire special counsel investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election is actually “a sting operation” aimed at taking down Clinton, asserting that when Trump calls the investigation a “witch hunt,” that is a secret confirmation of her theory.

“Hillary Clinton literally is a witch,” she said. “She practices witchcraft, she goes to witches covens, she’s been going to occult meetings in L.A. for decades. So when President Trump says that it’s a witch hunt, I think it’s his way of messing with these freaks and letting them know that, yeah, it actually is a witch hunt because the target is a witch and her name is Hillary Clinton.”

“This is a really big deal that Rudy Giuliani is joining President Trump’s team,” Crokin concluded. “The stage is set and they’re ready to finally expose the truth on the content that was found on Anthony Weiner’s [laptop] that proves they’re all involved in trafficking children.”

It’s like Joe Arpaio, who has repeatedly claimed that his “cold case posse” had all this evidence that Obama’s birth certificate was take and he really was born in Kenya, and we’re always just about to see it. Soon, very soon, the evidence will be shown for all the world to see! Only soon never actually happens because there is no evidence and they are either deluded or lying (take your pick, it doesn’t really matter which one is true). Keep that carrot on the stick just out of reach at all times.

In a rational world, people like Crokin would be pitied and probably forced into psychiatric care. At the very least, they would be as irrelevant as that homeless guy shouting to himself on the street corner because they would have no effect. But in America today, those people have actual political influence. Those people take up common cause with the president, who nods to them and goes on their shows and appoints them to positions of authority. That should scare the hell out of you.

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