Jones: The KKK is Made Up of Racist Black People

Jones: The KKK is Made Up of Racist Black People April 25, 2018

The bizarre rants of Alex Jones often leave me scratching my head, trying to find a coherent thought somewhere in the rambling diatribes. Here’s a perfect example. I have no idea how he gets from premise to conclusion. I’m sure he has no idea either.

ALEX JONES (HOST): It’s the Democrats calling for attacking Republicans and Christians and conservatives. It’s the Democrats pushing race war. I mean, this is so obvious. Don’t people see this? And leftists go, “Oh, you’re scared.” Yeah. I’m not scared of me physically — what’s going to happen to me, I’m scared of the level of propaganda that Hollywood would put crazyass crap out like Army trucks are going to Chicago to kill black people. You don’t need to send Army trucks. The Democrats ship in the heroin and the cocaine and sit there and have you die. And they have 51 percent of the black babies being aborted. But you don’t hear anything out of the black leaders or the Hispanic leaders, because they’re bought and paid for. Well let me tell you something. I know after they get you, they’re going to get me. And I’m sick of kissing your ass getting you to wake up and see what the hell’s going on.


JONES: The truth is it was the Republicans and the Christians and the abolitionists that tried to end it all and then the globalists said what are we going to do with these freed slaves coming into big cities? We’re going to make their areas red light districts, we’re going to take control of them, we’re going to buy out their leaders. And the Democrats have been f-ing you over ever since. And so have the Republican leadership. And finally Trump tries to build industry in your neighborhoods and the plantation owners, most of them who are black, are shitting their KKK pants. Because let me tell you, the big real secret is the real KKK at the midlevel is a bunch of racist black people who hate black people.

He seems to be connecting dots that exist only in his head. The conclusion doesn’t follow from the premise and the premise has no basis in reality. Makes no sense whatsoever. But I’m sure the Illuminati is behind it all.

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