Toronto Killer was the Canadian Elliott Rodger

Toronto Killer was the Canadian Elliott Rodger April 25, 2018

Alek Minassian, the Canadian man who killed ten people and injured 15 more by driving his van into a crowd of people, was reportedly another Elliot Rodger, the California man who killed a raft of people because, he claimed, women wouldn’t have sex with him. The CBC reports:

Facebook told CBC News that the post from an Alek Minassian was real and was posted publicly on his profile before Facebook shut it down.

The post referred to the “Supreme Gentleman Elliot Rodger.” Rodger was the 22-year-old California man responsible for a deadly rampage in Isla Vista, Calif., that left six people dead and a dozen people wounded.

In a video posted ahead of that 2014 attack, Rodger raged about a number of women turning down his advances, rendering men like him “incels,” a term used by some groups to mean “involuntarily celibate.”

Rodger referred to men who were successful with women as “Chads” and women who turned men down as “Stacys.”

The post that appeared on Minassian’s Facebook page included a line that said the “incel rebellion has already begun. We will overthrow all the Chads and the Stacys.”

When the CBC tweeted that Facebook had confirmed that this was indeed from Minassian’s page and was posted before he committed mass murder, it prompted this tool to respond:

This is absolute madness. Women are not obligated to have sex with men to keep them from going on killing sprees. For crying out loud, how do we live in a world where that even needs to be said? Maybe women wouldn’t sleep with the guy because he’s a murdering psychopath, FFS. Those with blood on their hands are Minassian and those who encourage men to feel entitled to the sexual attention of women — every women, or every woman they’re attracted to, at least. They’ll gleefully denigrate anyone who is slightly overweight or doesn’t meet their lofty standards.

People like Paul Elam have blood on their hands over this. And Mike Cernovich. And every other MRA/MGTOW/PUA jerk pumped up on testosterone, stupidity and entitlement. When Muslims commit such atrocities, everyone wants to know how they got radicalized. We know how this guy got radicalized, by drinking in this toxic misogyny cocktail poured by men like these.

Want proof? They’re praising him on their online forums. “Alek Minassian. Spread that name, speak of his sacrifice for our cause, worship him for he gave his life for our future,” said one self-declared incel. “The message is getting out. We’re mainstream now,” said another.

“Smiles and laughter. Love it.”

“We’re famous,mum I fucking did it!!”

“My stomach fucking hurts, this shit is lifefuel.”

These are very sick and dangerous people.

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