Corsi Invents Another Ludicrous Claim

Corsi Invents Another Ludicrous Claim April 26, 2018

Jerome Corsi is like a volcano spewing bollocks, inventing one conspiracy after another, each one more ridiculous than the last. His latest is that the military planned a coup to take out Obama, but called it off after convincing Donald Trump to run for president.

“About three years ago,” Corsi said, “a group in the military called me and came to me and said that basically they were organizing—there was going to be organized—a military coup. I got called by one of the top insiders who was not part of the plotters, and I didn’t ask for the plotters to be identified—I didn’t want that information—but I was told that there was going to be a military coup organized against Barack Obama and it sounded very serious. It came to me from very credible sources.”

“Then I was called and [told] the coup had been called off,” he continued. “The group had talked to Donald Trump and then Donald Trump came forward and wanted to be president and these people in the military wanted Donald Trump to be president. The goal in the military standing down from the coup d’etat against Obama was not that they were conducting a coup d’etat through President Trump but through President Trump we can restore equal justice under law, we can restore the Constitution, we can go back to belief in Jesus Christ and God, we can profess our faith as Christians. This, I think, was fundamental to the decision Donald Trump made to go in to running for president.”

Offered without a shred of evidence, of course, just like every other asinine claim he makes. One would think that a patriotic American would warn the Secret Service or the FBI about this alleged military coup, but this is Jerome Corsi we’re talking about. He’s not patriotic, he’s either a total crackpot or, like his hero, a pathological liar. And I think they hid those pedophile camps in his eyebrows. And let’s not forget how Corsi first came to prominence, as the founder of the Swift Boat Veterans for Truth.

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