Racist Frat Boys Sue Syracuse Over Dismissal

Racist Frat Boys Sue Syracuse Over Dismissal April 29, 2018

Remember those douchebros whose frat got banned at Syracuse University after video of one of their rituals in which pledges swore an oath to hate “niggers, spics and kikes”? They’re now suing the university for making them look like racist bigots. Seriously.

Five Theta Tau brothers have anonymously filed a lawsuit against Syracuse University after offensive videos surfaced of a fraternity event.

The men accuse SU of “branding them as racist, anti-sematic [sic], sexist and hostile to people with disabilities,” in the aftermath of the videos, according to the complaint filed in federal court.

The brothers say they were suspended from school, barred from classes and maligned “to salvage Syracuse University’s reputation” at their expense. They said they were subjected to “ridicule and scorn.”

Since they’re anonymous, I’ll just call them by their likely names: Rip, Skip, Flip, Kip and Chip. Huddle up guys, I have some news for you. You know what makes you look like you’re racist and anti-semitic? You. You, who decided that this was an appropriate way to behave. And guess what? Syracuse is a private university, which means the First Amendment does not apply to them. They can throw you out on your asses over this and there’s nothing you can do about it.

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