About That Rudy Giuliani Walkback

About That Rudy Giuliani Walkback May 5, 2018

I wondered the other day if Rudy Giuliani’s TV appearances Wednesday night and Thursday morning was part of a new strategy. Now we have the answer: Nope. It was just Giuliani doing what Trump always does, talking in circles and ad libbing until he created an even bigger problem for himself and his client. On Friday morning, the Great Walkback of 2018 began. Trump went first.

First, he lied and claimed that Giuliani “just started a day ago” — he started two weeks ago — and that eventually “he’ll get his facts straight.” He also said that Rudy would be putting out his own statement about it later, which he did. He started with this laugher:

“The payment was made to resolve a personal and false allegation in order to protect the President’s family. It would have been done in any event, whether he was a candidate or not.”

This just cracks me up. Done to protect his family, which really means done to protect Trump from the wrath of his wife. The irony of that? It’s quite obvious that the one person who does not buy the claim that he never had an affair with Stormy Daniels is Melania Trump. Indeed, given that he had an affair with her while married to his second wife, she’s probably wishing that she had just gotten the $130,000 and left him behind.

She knows damn well he did. Everyone knows he did. No one could possibly be so naive as to believe that, could they? Seriously? And remember, Trump has said over and over again that he never settles lawsuits because doing so would make him an easy target. So if this is true, any woman who wants to make a quick $130,000 should just claim to have had sex with him and he’ll immediately make a payout — to “protect his family,” of course.

And here’s the great thing: Investigators could now question Giuliani about the conversations he’s had with Trump about this issue. By talking about it on television, he has now waived attorney-client privilege on that issue. Nice work, Rudy! I may have to add you to my line about Larry Klayman and Mat Staver. Hell, you’re reaching Orly Taitz territory here.

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