Lively Has ‘Spiritual Confirmation’ that Trump is Now a Good Christian

Lively Has ‘Spiritual Confirmation’ that Trump is Now a Good Christian May 13, 2018

Scott Lively, who got enough delegates at the Massachusetts Republican Party convention to get on the primary ballot in the gubernatorial race there last weekend, says that he has been given unspecified “spiritual confirmation” that Trump is now truly a Christian.

“I’m a strong supporter of President Trump,” Lively said. “I believe he was transformed from a somewhat reprobate New York liberal into a man of God, God’s man in the White House today. I saw the transformation myself—I had a spiritual confirmation, sort of an endorsement of the idea. He has shown the example of speaking boldly and not being intimidated and not backing down on the things that are important and essential.”

Oh, my inquiring mind just needs to know. In what form did this “spiritual confirmation” take place? A burning bush? A voice from the sky? A message in your alphabet soup? And if this “spiritual confirmation” is genuine, why does he continue to lie every time he opens his mouth? Is that what Jesus would do? And why, if he is now genuinely a follower of Jesus, does he not help the poor, as Jesus commanded? Why does he hurt them instead, by cutting their food stamps and healthcare? Oh wait, I bet you meant Supply Side Jesus, not the actual Jesus of the gospels. Never mind. Carry on, Jeeves.

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