Let Us Mark the Words of Scott Lively

Let Us Mark the Words of Scott Lively May 15, 2018

Scott Lively, the utterly deranged bigot who thinks gay people caused the Holocaust, is on the ballot once again for the Republican nomination to get governor of Massachusetts, and he says that, like Babe Ruth, he is “calling his shot” and is going to shock the world and win the election.

MARK MY WORDS, Like Baseball Legend Babe Ruth, I’m Calling My Shot:

We will build a grassroots army in Massachusetts, and that army will take the executive branch in 2018, and the legislative branch in 2020, while also delivering the Bay State for President Trump in ’20.

Like President Trump we will throw out the weaselly “campaign consultant” establishment playbook and reject the well-worn road to failure that the “king-maker” leftist media invites us to follow.

Like Ronald Reagan we will go low-tech, old-school, and boots-on-the-ground…

That is far more doable than you may think. And, by the grace of Almighty God, I have the vision and the skill-set to make it happen.

Okay, consider your words marked. Now mark mine: I have as good a chance of being the next governor of Massachusetts as you do. Hell, I probably have a better chance than you and I don’t even live in that state. You got 20,000 votes total last time. You’ll get about the same this time. And will you then admit that the “grace of Almighty God” failed you? Or that you really didn’t have the skill set to make it happen? Of course you won’t. Your self-delusions of grandeur will not dissipate so easily. Your faith will protect you against reality, as it always has.

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