Spencer: US Military Should Have Enslaved Haitians After Disaster

Spencer: US Military Should Have Enslaved Haitians After Disaster May 15, 2018

In case you weren’t yet convinced of just how loathsome a human being Richard Spencer is, on his podcast recently he was complaining about how the US military sent aid to Haiti after a hurricane devastated that island. And he said that what we should have done is sent in the military to enslave them because that’s a proper aim of war.

On his Altright.com podcast in February, Spencer lamented that the United States military never engages in war “for the right reasons,” which he said are when “you want to dominate someone, you want to take their territory, you want to take their women.” And if those reasons don’t suffice, Spencer said, he believes it is acceptable to go to war simply for “vainglory.”

When one of his guests began to complain that the United States Navy sent ships to provide humanitarian aid to Haitians after a hurricane devastated the country last year, Spencer had another idea for what the military should have done.

“Exactly, no. You should go enslave them. That would actually be a proper war aim,” Spencer said, before apologizing for “really going nuts” and then retracting that apology because “you need to go nuts in order to prove a point.”

Spencer said he hoped white people in America get so frustrated with the military’s humanitarian efforts that they “flip over into this domineering type, and I obviously hope that happens.”

“This is the kind of thing that’s truly traditional and historical. You display your power. Phallic symbols in the center of the capital city. That’s what it’s all fucking about,” Spencer said.

You need to go nuts to prove a point. And the point he was trying to prove, apparently, was that he’s a giant fascist douchebag. Congratulations, Richard — may I call you Dick? — you’ve succeeded at proving your point. Nice work. It’s 2018 and we have people advocating slavery. It almost feels like we’re being punked, like Ashton Kutcher is going to jump out at some point and say that this was all some elaborate prank on the entire country, that they managed to create this bizarro world as some kind of grand psychological experiment.

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