Giuliani Threatens Mueller to End Investigation

Giuliani Threatens Mueller to End Investigation May 16, 2018

And so it begins. Rudy Giuliani is openly threatening some vague action against Robert Mueller if he does not wrap up his investigation soon, with or without interviewing Donald Trump. He doesn’t say what those actions might be, but it almost certainly includes Trump firing him.

Trump and his lawyers are trying to set up the milestone on Thursday as a turning point in their campaign to end Mueller’s probe into Russian election meddling and obstruction of justice, Rudy Giuliani, Trump’s personal lawyer, said Tuesday in an interview. While he isn’t threatening specific actions, Giuliani said they haven’t ruled out additional steps if Mueller doesn’t heed their calls.

“We are going to try as best we can to put the message out there that it has been a year, there has been no evidence presented of collusion or obstruction, and it is about time for them to end the investigation,” Giuliani said. “We don’t want to signal our action if this doesn’t work — we are going to hope they listen to us — but obviously we have a Plan B and C.”

What I find amusing about this is that they think they’re going to intimidate Mueller, who hardly seems like the type who might be susceptible to such pressure. Mueller knows damn well what firing him would mean for Trump politically and how it might backfire on him in a huge way, but he certainly isn’t likely to be the least bit concerned about that. He is going to keep doing his job until it’s finished, or until he gets fired. If Trump and Giuliani think he’s going to change anything he’s doing because they make vague threats about firing him, they’re living in a fantasy world.

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