Giuliani’s Absurdly Disingenuous Argument for Ending the Mueller Investigation

Giuliani’s Absurdly Disingenuous Argument for Ending the Mueller Investigation May 17, 2018

Rudy Giuliani continues his wildly successful WTF Is He Gonna Say Next Tour 2018 with an appearance on the Laura Ingraham show (always a friendly outlet, of course; wouldn’t want to be asked a follow up question or anything), and offering his ridiculously disingenuous argument for why the Mueller investigation should be shut down:

The former New York mayor first explained that the investigation into Trump should be ended immediately because it “is not good for the American people,” though he didn’t explain why. He said that he’s working to try and end the investigation.

“The special counsel’s office doesn’t seem to have that understanding they’re interfering with things that are much bigger than them, or us,” he continued. Though, again, he didn’t explain what those “much bigger” things are.

This is just a vague version of the classic “this is a big distraction for the president, he’s spending so much time on this he can’t do all those wonderful things he wants to do for the country” argument. Anyone remember when Giuliani made that same argument about the Ken Starr investigation, which went on far longer? Yeah, I don’t either. It magically only applies to the presidents he likes. Of course, Trump could easily make more time available by, oh I don’t know, not playing so much golf, which he said during the campaign he wouldn’t have time to do anyway.

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