Jones and Stone Take a Joint Vacation in Fantasy Land

Jones and Stone Take a Joint Vacation in Fantasy Land May 17, 2018

Robert Mueller has subpoenaed the guy who ran Roger Stone’s social media accounts, almost certainly to get information on his communications with WikiLeaks, and he went on Alex Jones’ show to take a joint vacation in a fantasy land where Mueller is going to end up in prison for violating his rights.

ROGER STONE (TRUMP CONFIDANT): This is not fun to have somebody poking through your emails, your text messages, your phone calls. It’s a massive violation of my Fourth Amendment rights and my right to privacy with no probable cause because I am guilty of no crime. It’s an extraordinary, almost Kafkaesque experience —

ALEX JONES (HOST): Because [special counsel Robert Mueller is] scared because he knows he’s the one going to prison. God, I can’t wait to see him in an orange jumpsuit.

STONE: Well, from your mouth to God’s ear —

JONES: He’ll look like a really — like a defrocked buzzard, a little orange jumpsuit with that big old ugly acromegaly head, up there all pendulous, I bet he’s going to crap his britches whenever he’s being led into that supermax prison. We all should pray to God that Robert Mueller is sent to a supermax prison.

All absolute nonsense. A subpoena does not require a showing of probable cause, only a warrant does. Stone can, of course, challenge that subpoena in court (or his social media guy can) and a judge would then have to rule, but the standard would not be probable cause, it would merely be whether the witness may have information germane to a case. And in this case, he clearly would.

Bear in mind how this started. Roger Stone has said publicly that he was in touch with WikiLeaks and he mysteriously tweeted out that there would be a huge release of emails from people close to Hillary Clinton from what we now know was the hack of the DNC servers and Tony Podesta’s email account before it happened. But then he said under oath in his own testimony before Mueller that he had no direct contact with WikiLeaks, only that he had communicated with them through an unnamed journalist.

But the Atlantic published transcripts of numerous direct messages on Twitter between Stone and WikiLeaks, so the person who ran his social media accounts clearly would have information about those exchanges, perhaps as an intermediary. It’s a perfectly valid subpoena that in no way violates Stone’s rights. And Stone will go to jail long before Mueller will. These people just live in an alternate reality.

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