Fox Guest Lies About Arrests of Non-Criminal Aliens

Fox Guest Lies About Arrests of Non-Criminal Aliens May 19, 2018

As Trump once again ups the rhetoric against immigrants, calling them “animals” and thus literally dehumanizing them, his sycophants in the wingnutosphere are busy lying to defend him. One guest on Fox News, Lawrence Jones, flipped reality completely on its head with this lie:

BILL HEMMER (ANCHOR): We don’t know how the California people feel about these new sanctuary state laws.


HEMMER: This is a large state with millions of people and we haven’t gotten a gauge of that.

LAWRENCE JONES (CAMPUS REFORM, EDITOR-IN-CHIEF): Yeah, and it’s not like the president of the United States has suggested a round-up. ICE is not rounding up, they’re going after the criminals.

TARLOV: Well, actually — no, no, no, no.

JONES: I don’t understand why they won’t give them up.

A flat out lie. In fact, ICE is rounding up non-criminal immigrants in massive numbers. The Obama administration put the focus on deporting immigrants who had actually committed crimes here, and while the arrest and deportation of criminal aliens has gone up slightly under Trump, the number of non-criminal aliens they’ve rounded up has more than doubled.

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