Corsi: The New Replacement Q Anon is a Kabbalist

Corsi: The New Replacement Q Anon is a Kabbalist May 20, 2018

Conspiracy nut extraordinaire Jerome Corsi is now pushing a conspiracy within a conspiracy, that the anonymous Q that is behind all that “Trump is rounding up the pedophiles including Hillary Clinton” nonsense, has been caught and replaced with someone posting fake stuff to throw them off the scent of the real story. He’s now decided the Q stand-in is a Jewish Kabbalist.

“This new Q has said that, ‘Why we are here,’ that was one of the posts. I think that post was, let me find out the number of the post, it was one of the earlier Q posts,” Corsi said. “It said, ‘Why we are here’ and it linked to a Reddit article that was about this ‘Serialbrain2.’”…

Corsi told viewers that he had taken it upon himself to research SerialBrain2 and that his research found that the user is an “openly admitted occultist and has even published series of papers on the internet about his occult views.”

“Basically, a Kabbalist. Serialbrain2 is a student of the Kabbalah. Kabbalah is part of the esoteric Jewish faith going back centuries and it has a very–it’s occult, which as a Christian I’m aware that there’s good and bad occultists, but my antennae go up,” Corsi said.

Well okay then. Someone get Madonna on the phone, stat! Clearly this is all a Zionist plot to uh…oh, something, something, who the hell knows. When people like Corsi say they’re just connecting the dots, I think they must mean micro-dots of LSD.

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