Barton Lies About Current Events Too

Barton Lies About Current Events Too May 21, 2018

The key to a long career is versatility and that is no less true of David Barton’s chosen career, which is professional liar. So he’s branching out. No longer content merely to lie about historical matters, he’s now taken to lying about current events as well. To wit:


Well, I’m going to start with Iran. I love the good news and the fact that the president has pulled out of the Iran deal. It’s interesting that people use the word “deal” with that Iran thing that happened with President Obama because it was not a deal. Iran signed nothing, they agreed to nothing. It was simply President Obama saying here’s what America has got to do to Iran, with Iran, for Iran. And that was a quote “deal”.

So, the perception was that well this is a deal. And that’s why it was never ratified by the Senate because there was no deal. It was just America saying, “Hey, Iran, we’re going to lift sanctions, we’re going to give you 150 billion dollars in cash, and please promise not to do anything with nuclear weapons.” “Oh sure, happy to do that.”


Because you’ve got such a great track record in being honest brokers and players on the world stage, so we’re just going to trust that you’ll do the right thing.


Exactly. We can trust you just like those 20 missiles you just sent into Israel. We can trust you to keep the peace, we can trust you to do the right thing. No, not by a long shot. And we now know from intelligence that they’re still continuing their nuclear program.

Every single word of this is a lie. Yes, Iran did sign the agreement, which is called the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). It was signed by Iran and six other countries (the five permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany) in July, 2015. And no, it was not a one-sided deal. Here’s what Iran agreed to do:

Eliminate its inventory of medium-enriched uranium
Reduce its inventory of low-enriched uranium by 98%
Reduce its number of gas centrifuges used to enrich uranium by two-thirds
Limit its enrichment of uranium to specifications that can only be used for energy production, not weapons
Limit that enrichment to a single location, under 24 hour monitoring by the International Atomic Energy Agency
Unlimited inspections of all mining, enrichment and power generation facilities, including cameras at all of them that send more than 100,000 images a day to the IAEA.

So that’s two lies so far. The third lie is that we “know from intelligence that they’re still continuing their nuclear program.” In fact, we know the exact opposite. Under the terms of the agreement, both the IAEA and the American intelligence services must certify every three months that Iran is still in compliance with the agreement. They have done so every single time. The only one who has violated the agreement, ironically, is us. Donald Trump, that is, against the advice of virtually everyone who knows more than him about it (which is virtually everyone).

Two paragraphs, three lies. Or as Barton likes to call it, a slow news day.

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