Suddenly Giuliani Wants Trump to Interview for Mueller

Suddenly Giuliani Wants Trump to Interview for Mueller May 24, 2018

The Rudy Giuliani Keystone Cops tour continues as he again blatantly contradicts himself because, like his boss, he has no idea when to shut up. Now he’s suddenly reversed his earlier position and said that Trump should testify for Mueller’s team to get it out of the way. And he offered some insight into Trump’s thinking:

President Trump’s attorney Rudolph W. Giuliani switched gears Wednesday, saying that he would prefer the president grant an interview to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s office and that a decision would be made within “the next couple weeks.”

“I guess I’d rather do the interview. It gets it over with. It makes my client happy,” he said in an interview with The Washington Post. “The safe course you hear every lawyer say is don’t do the interview, and that’s easy to say in the abstract. That’s much harder when you have a client who is the president of the United States and wants to be interviewed.”

In Wednesday morning’s interview with The Post, Giuliani said the president sometimes seesaws on whether he wants to do an interview. “There have been a few days where he says, ‘Maybe you guys are right,’ ” Giuliani said, referring to Trump attorneys who have warned against an interview. “Then he goes right back to, ‘Why shouldn’t I?’ ”

Giuliani said he was concerned that the president would become a target or that the interview would be a perjury trap, because the “truth is relative.”

No, actually, it isn’t. He’s either going to perjure himself or he isn’t, and that will be determined on the basis of the evidence. If he is eventually charged with perjury, prosecutors will have the same burden they have in every prosecution, to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. Can you imagine Giuliani as a federal prosecutor saying that the truth in a case is relative? Of course not. But he’s more than willing to spout nonsense and contradict himself. He has neither shame nor dignity left at this point, and he never had any integrity.

And I love that Trump is thinking this way. His ego won’t allow him to think any other way. He’s so convinced of his own brilliance, omniscience and cunning that he’s sure he can outwit Mueller. He’s so convinced that he’s his own best spokesman that he has literally pretended to be his own spokesman in the past to reporters — as if they wouldn’t know it was his voice. That’s how pathological the guy is, he actually thought he would get away with that and no one would notice.

And when he asks, “Why shouldn’t I?” none of his attorneys can tell him the truth: Because you simply aren’t smart enough not to perjure yourself. You’ll ad lib and start going off on some tangent and you’ll incriminate yourself. They can’t tell him that because his ego makes him allergic to reality.

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