Begley: Hillary Would Have Turned Over America to the Illuminati

Begley: Hillary Would Have Turned Over America to the Illuminati May 25, 2018

While we’re on the subject of cray cray conspiracy theories, Paul Begley, the guy who thinks Obama is heading up an Illuminati plot to assassinate Trump, says that if Hillary had been elected she would have turned the country over to the Illuminati and done away with democracy.

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“Obama tapped his phones, he tapped his home, he sent around drones,” he said, “trying to figure out a way to derail the Trump campaign.”

“Hillary Clinton was supposed to be handed the presidency,” Begley continued. “The deep state, the New World Order, the Illuminati, the Bilderberg group, the Bohemian Grove, everybody at Skull & Bones, everybody in every secret society that there is, Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, all of the swamp creatures, all of ’em; the plan was to put Hillary Clinton in the White House and then to move this nation and the world under a one-world government, a New World Order.”

“Once she was elected, there would not be another campaign,” he added. “There would be laws changed; Obama put all these different judges in the federal courts and in different positions, they were going to rewrite this Constitution, folks. They were going to railroad this democracy … The United States was going to be handed over to the New World Order or to the Illuminati at the United Nations and then there would be ten kings selected as an Antichrist would emerge on the scene.”

But God stopped all that, he says, so that Israel could celebrate it’s 70th anniversary at the new American embassy in Jerusalem. But wait, wasn’t all that Antichrist stuff all part of God’s plan? Did he thwart his own plans? That would be weird, wouldn’t it? Not as weird as believing all this nonsense in the first place, of course.

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