The Things Jim Bakker Knows ‘In the Spirit’

The Things Jim Bakker Knows ‘In the Spirit’ May 26, 2018

Christian con man hosted fellow Christian con man Paul McGuire on his show and they waxed stupid about Trump, of course. After McGuire laughably claimed that Trump is driving the liars out of Washington, DC, Bakker declared that he knows “in the spirit” that a hundred assassins have been hired to kill Trump.

“We watch his back as he drives every scoundrel, skunk, thief, deceiver, two-faced liar [out of Washington],” McGuire thundered. “This is our man! We’d better watch his back. He’s not Superman, he’s a mortal man. They want to kill him.”

After McGuire cited right-wing pastor Rodney Howard-Browne’s claim that he had been told by a congressman of a plot to assassinate Trump, Bakker responded by declaring that this is exactly what he has been warning about for months.

“There’s probably a hundred hit men been hired to kill Trump, or more,” Bakker said. “I know this in the spirit. He’s so hated that they want him dead.”

The great thing about “knowing” things “in th spirit” is that you don’t have to know them in the real world that actually exists. There’s no need to provide evidence, you just declare something to be true and, with a puff of smoke and a plaintive cry from Deepok Chopra in the background, it magically becomes true. And never shall the purveyor of such “knowledge” need to fear that his audience won’t believe him. They’ll believe anything.

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