Meet the New Moonies — Now With More Guns

Meet the New Moonies — Now With More Guns May 29, 2018

My really longtime readers know that there was a time when I kept a very close eye on Rev. Moon and his cult/organized crime organization. After Moon died I kind of stopped paying attention, which is why I missed this. Remember the story about the church that had that mass wedding where all the brides and grooms were carrying AR-15s and AK-47s? That was the new Moonies, a church run by two of his sons. The Washington Post has a long expose on them.


Like their father, much of the preaching is really just rehashed right wing talking points about the evils of The Gay and communism (as if that system of thought was anything but a relic these days) and anything else they can think of.

After delivering a few social announcements (parents seeking marriage partners for their adult children were meeting at 3 p.m.; tomorrow at 5 p.m. there would be an AR-15 “breakdown” tutorial on how to properly disassemble the rifle), Pastor Sean delivered the meat of his sermon. He plowed familiar ground at first, citing Bible passages where the “rod of iron” was used to smite evildoers. Pacing the altar, he then segued into a freewheeling, gunfire-and-brimstone diatribe.

“You must shed the slave mentality and adopt the royal mentality. … The Democratic Party has become the Communist Party funded by Nazi collaborator George Soros. … The fake ministers and fake priests are pushing a dictator-Christ.” He took potshots at some favorite targets: Hillary Clinton (“she was paying for the Russian dossier”), Pope Francis (“a socialist, communist devil”) and government that gets too big for its britches. “Jesus never centralized power. Jesus never created government,” he said. “The worst killer in all of humanity the last one hundred years is centralized government.”…

They’re also more enamored with guns than their father — and more overtly political. “No question about it,” Sean told me one afternoon as we chatted in the orchestra section of the theater-turned-sanctuary: God’s hand was at work in the 2016 presidential campaign. A week before Election Day, Justin spoke to a group of Japanese Sanctuarians who were visiting Pennsylvania and described in biblical terms what was at stake: Hillary Clinton, he said, was the “Fallen Eve” who would start a war (possibly nuclear) with Russia. Donald Trump was the “Adam-type figure” who wanted to attack and “bring judgment on the government, on the archangel.” Depending on the outcome, he added, “the nature of God’s judgment on this world will be dramatically different.”

This new Sanctuary Church has active paramilitary militias that he trains and they’re incredibly well armed. It should be noted that there is another new version of the Unification Church as well, that one led by Sean’s mother, the Rev. Moon’s widow. They are in open war against one another over who is the legitimate heir to Moon’s organization. Since the entire thing is one big mafia operation, it’s really just a turf war, but one side, at least, is very heavily armed. That’s quite a dangerous thing.

And given that Moon himself preached that the Jews deserved the Holocaust and that all gay people would someday be wiped out in a mass genocide, I certainly hope the FBI has infiltrated this group and is keeping a close eye on them. They are very dangerous.

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